Catherine Chin
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Plastic Free New Zealand

Plastic Free New Zealand Logo, 2017

Plastic Free New Zealand Logo, 2017

It all started when…

For our first group project, during our second year of Communication Design, we were given actual clients and had to design a logo and advertising campaign for them. Our Seas Our Life was one of the clients and from them Plastic Free New Zealand was the one I was placed into along with Katrina Hill Nacion, Shania Dickson and Brianna Ouellette.

Plastic Free New Zealand is a non-profit organization that promotes living a life style with less single use plastic and keeping our seas clean. Our task was to design a logo and brand identity that aligned to their values and beliefs. We then needed to create an advertising campaign with promotional posters, tags and a film.


PFNZ Campaign poster 1, 2017

PFNZ Campaign poster 2, 2017

PFNZ Campaign poster 3, 2017