Catherine Chin


b. 1986, HK.


Focusing mainly on illustration, game design and animation, I create original and unique designs that both inspire and bring a positive impact to the wider community. From a very young age, cartoons and Japanese animation have always been a big influence on my creative process. Through visual styles and storytelling, they can evoke a variety of emotions and meaning that can be both emotionally motivational and educational. In my design practice I always aim to create something that can leave a lasting impact that is helpful and encouraging to the viewer.

Coming into the Mahuki program has been an eye opening experience. Creating a start-up company, with the goal of engaging youth and millennials in new interactive ways within a museum and library space, has only solidified my design process. The product we came up with was an AR (Augmented Reality) game app called “Decipher”, where I have been in charge of the character look, storyline and game logo and card design.

During the creation of Merge, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with many successful businesses and people, who have shared their stories of their trials and journey on running a prosperous company. Armed with their knowledge, I have been able to learn and develop entrepreneurial skills, incorporating them into my evolving skill set and expanding my design practice.